The Literacy for All Programme uses The Kagiso Reading Series, published by Maskew Miller Learning (formerly Pearson South Africa, formerly Maskew Miller Longman), and consists of 28 full-colour books:

– Fourteen books for Grade 1. 

– Eight books for Grade 2.

– Six books for Grade 3.

(Click here for the catalogue: Kagiso Readers.)

It is an unusual series, well-suited to South African schools, for the following reasons:

  • Originally it was the first Reading Series of its kind conceived in an African language. Each book was planned and written simultaneously in Xhosa, English and Afrikaans with the authors and illustrator working together. Back in 2003 the writing team received the SA Translator’s Institute Award in the ‘Service Category’ for this work.
  • The Kagiso Reading Series is available in all eleven official South African languages: English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, Siswati, Sesotho, Xitsinga, Tshevenda, IsiZulu, Setswana, Sepedi and IsiNdebele
  • The books make learning to read and write a fun-filled adventure. The imaginative stories and beautiful illustrations capture and reflect the interests and experiences of ‘the universal child’. Each story is based on sound values and positive attitudes.
  • The series provides an incremental and unified approach to teaching literacy for the first three years of school. It is fully compliant with CAPS and provides a foundation for all the learning areas.
  • The first seven books can be used for Grade R. The whole series can be used for remedial or catch-up work in all Grades. It can also be used for teaching additional languages.
  • Although the Teacher’s Guides for each grade, and a Learner’s Workbook is available for Grade 1, are being discontinued in print, we’re expecting to be able to host them on this site in late 2024 for free download.