If you need a web presence with a personal touch  – then speak to us. Our pricing is competitive and our support is … personal.

Already have a site?

It’s easy (and exciting) to set up a website for your business or yourself. It’s certainly an investment that you’ve made in both time and money. Down the line, though, maintenance and updating can be daunting, especially as the website gets older. We’re here to help you refurb your site using WordPress. Contact us to find out how we can work together to rejuvenate your website by:

  • Reviewing your site’s user interface
  • Update the text copy
  • Update images
  • Check and update links
  • Create portfolio pages

Thinking about getting online?

The interwebs and social media offer creative marketers a complex but exciting place to offer products and services. You’re probably asking yourself, ‘Why has it taken me so long?’. Well, we can understand that – there is so much to consider when setting up your online presence. Sometimes it just feels overwhelming. We’ve been there, done that and now we have the experience to help you make the best use of your money. Too often we’ve seen sites set up, and then left without ongoing attention and checks. …  With this in mind we can offer you the following:

  • Set up domain registration and hosting (including defensive registrations where necessary)
  • Set up WordPress websites – a simple clean design in our opening gambit, and we’ll handle that in-house. If you need something more complex, then we’ll manage the outsourcing so you don’t need to worry about that aspect.
  • Set up security for you site, and also ensure that it is backed up
  • Set up SEO, keyword tags etc to optimise your site for search engines
  • Set up Gmail for your domain (and Google Suite generally, if you require it)
  • Set up a Google business profile
  • Set up and manage your social media presence where applicable Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, Pinterest etc
  • Help with logo design
  • Help with brochure and catalogue design – we can work with Canva so you can make tweaks, or we can handle more custom designs for you
  • Assistance with creating e-books (to sell, to promote your business or practice) as lead magnets
  • Design (banners, images for sites etc)
  • Source photos and images, and edit them, for your site
  • Set up blogs – an easy internet presence for technophobes, and technofans too
  • Set up and manage adsense/adword campaigns with analytics and tracking
  • Write or commission content for websites (including ongoing management and updates)