Aardvark Press is an independent publishing company and is celebrating its sixteenth year in 2019.

What does Aardvark Press publish?
Aardvark Press focuses on:
  • business (entrepreneurship, SMME issues),
  • natural history and the environment,
  • adventure.
Some of our titles are what might be termed ‘socially motivating’. They include the original how 2 help series, and Advocate Neville Melville’s From Apartheid to Zaamheid. Our first title was South Africa: Reasons to Believe by Guy Lundy and Wayne Visser.

Who does Aardvark Press publish?
Aardvark Press works with authors who are entrepreneurs and leaders and who are willing to take their belief in their message further than the pages of a book. Aardvark Press was one of the first publishing companies to join the Proudly South African campaign back in November 2002. Although we are no longer members, we certainly subscribe to the values of the campaign. Where we can we support local suppliers and place our printing at factories which use South African paper made from pulp grown on managed plantations. This makes some of our books a little more expensive to produce but we think the investment in our environment is worth it.

Where should suggestions and opinions be directed?
We welcome constructive comments that will help us improve our books, and our business. We strive for best practice, but there are always ways of improving our strategies and relationships without upsetting the gods of commerce! Your input will be valued at all times. Best to contact us by email publish@aardvarkpress.co.za or snailmail PO Box 4880 George East 6529. We have moved to the realms of a virtual office - we will endeavor to respond to you as soon as we receive your message.

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